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Tenses Exercise I

November 3rd, 2009 in English Quiz

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verb.

1.    The policeman ——————- the thief red-handed.
a)    Catch
b)    Caught
c)    Is caught
d)    Catching

2.    Students at a number of schools ——————- from their classes in protest against the high-handedness of the administrative staff.
a)    Stay away
b)    Stayed away
c)    Has stay away
d)    Had stay away

3.    The whole day yesterday the boys ——————– to the cricket commentary.
a)    Listen
b)    Will listen
c)    Has listened
d)    Listened

4.    A bomb scare ——————– a delay of the flight.
a)    Caused
b)    Cause
c)    Was caused
d)    Had caused

5.    The stadium ———————– with dance, music and song as troupes from across the country presented a panorama of colors and costumes.
a)    Had reverberated
b)    Would reverberate
c)    Reverberate
d)    Reverberated

6.    Jim Corbett —————– animals, but he —————- several man-eaters.
a)    Loved, would kill
b)    Loved, killed
c)    Loved, had killed
d)    Love, kill

7.    I ———————– French from my friend who ——————– in France.
a)    Learn, lives
b)    Learnt, lives
c)    Learn, lived
d)    Had learnt, lives

8.    Last year they ——————— a high wall around the house.
a)    Build
b)    Built
c)    Was building
d)    Had build

9.    I ——————— a number of detective novels when I was a child.
a)    Read
b)    Was read
c)    Had read
d)    Have read

10.    Last week some wicked people ———————- brown sugar into the town but they were arrested.
a)    Smuggle
b)    Smuggled
c)    Have smuggled
d)    Are smuggling

11.    In the morning, he —————– a torn shirt but in the evening he changed it.
a)    Is put on
b)    Had put on
c)    Has put on
d)    Was put on

12.    When I —————– to the hospital, the doctor —————– the operation.
a)    Went , had performed
b)    Had gone, performed
c)    Went, performed
d)    Go, performed

13.    After —————— into the bus we discovered that we ——————– the wrong one.
a)    Got, boarded
b)    Getting, had boarded
c)    Get, boarded
d)    Getting, board

14.    I —————— the assignment before the bell ——————
a)    Had finished, rang
b)    Finished, had rung
c)    Had finished, had rung
d)    Finish, will ring

15.    John ———————- to join the medical college, but he ——————– to get admission.
a)    Wanted, had failed
b)    Had wanted, failed
c)    Had wanted, had failed
d)    Want, failed


1.    Caught
2.    Stayed away
3.    Listened
4.    Caused
5.    Reverberated
6.    Loved, killed
7.    Learnt, lives
8.    Built
9.    Read
10.    Smuggled
11.    Had put on
12.    Went, had performed
13.    Getting, had boarded
14.    Had finished, rang
15.    Had wanted, failed