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Idiomatic expressions with pull

July 29th, 2016 in English Teaching

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions using the word pull.

Pull away

To pull away is to move steadily.

The train pulled away.

To pull away from someone is to move yourself with considerable effort.

She pulled away from him.

Pull back

To pull back is to retreat.

Pull someone’s leg

To pull someone’s leg is to deceive them for a joke.

My cousin always pulls my leg.

Pull something off

To pull something off is to succeed in winning or achieving something difficult.

I never thought that she would be able to deliver a public speech, but she pulled it off.

Pull out

To pull out is to withdraw.

Pull strings

To pull strings is to make use of your influence to gain advantage.

He pulled strings to ensure that his daughter was admitted to a prestigious college.

Pull yourself together

To pull yourself together is regain your self control.

It took her quite some time to pull herself together.

Pull your weight

To pull your weight is to do your share of weight.

You must pull your weight or quit.