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Wazzup boyo?

July 9th, 2013 in Writing

If you are active on social networking sites, you have probably come across funny combinations of words and numbers. They might make little sense to an outsider, but for people familiar with this lingo they are cool tools for conveying information. Until a few years ago only students and teenagers used this language but now even professionals have started using it probably because they want to fit into this category of uber cool net-savvy kids.

The problem with internet English is that it is not grammatical. Still, it doesn’t embarrass the user. Worse still, using this type of language is even considered cool. Linguists all over the world are not too happy with this development and have started worrying that the over popularity of this weird lingo will pollute the language. And it probably will.

Whether you like it or not, this code language is fast becoming an accepted form of communication.

Here is an overview of some most commonly used internet lingos if you aren’t already familiar with them.

Have a blast! – Have a great time or enjoy yourself

Freak out – get emotional

Kid around – fool around, be silly or not serious

No kidding – an expression used when you are surprised by what someone has just said

Wassup – What’s up?

Kiddo – a child or a very young person

Boyo – a friend or mate

ASL – Age, sex, location

JK – just kidding

IDK – I don’t know

SMH – scratching my head

LOL – laugh out loud

TTYL – talk to you later

CYA – see you again

2G2B4G – too good to be forgotten

2G2BT – too good to be true

AFAIC – as far as I am concerned

AFAICS – as far as I can see

AFAICT – as far as I can tell

AFAIK – as far as I know