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Rocket English Review

November 6th, 2013 in Reviews

Rocket English Premium ReviewI first heard of Rocket English through a friend. I have always been interested in understanding, reading and speaking English like a native. Unfortunately, the options I had been coming across for learning English conclusively were either time consuming or expensive. Because I am a busy professional, I have no time left to attend English lesson daily after work. My weekends are also out of the question. That’s when I spend quality time with my family.

This is one of the main reasons I decided to buy Rocket English. The course is as effective as going for actual English lessons. In fact, it is more effective because you learn faster. The price of the course is also attractive. At $29.95 for the whole course and bonus material, I felt the course was extremely affordable. Traditional English classes lasting a few weeks can set you back more than $1,000 which is too expensive for most people. I felt Rocket English tackled the two main setbacks of traditional English courses namely; price and time.

If you are interested in more in-depth information about it, look no further. I will try my best to give you the most balanced review. Of course there are many other advantages of buying the course apart from saving time and money. Before I highlight other advantages as well as where I thought the course was challenged, below is a discussion on what to expect when you decide to buy it.

What to expect when you buy Rocket English

  1. Expect to speak and understand the English Language conclusively like a Native English speaker.
  2. Expect to learn English in a fun and engaging way.
  3. Expect to learn English fast. The course promises to teach you English in record time i.e. reduce the learning time taken to learn English by half. Coming from someone who has bought the course, I can comfortably say I am yet to see an English course that teaches you English faster and conclusively.

How it works

Having touched on what you should expect when you buy Rocket English, let’s now shift our focus to how the course works.

In regards to speaking English:

Rocket English utilizes a very simple concept that revolves around practice. The course recognizes that the best way of learning something is doing it multiple times or simply practicing. This is why the course utilizes a scientific process known as chunking for teaching languages effectively. This process breaks down language lessons into everyday English conversations. This makes it very easy for you to absorb as well as remember what you learn. You can also work on your own conversational English privately at home without worrying about making mistakes.
Chunking aside, Rocket English has a special tool called Rocket Record which is a voice comparison tools that helps you listen and pronounce as many English phrases and words as you like. Rocket Record allows you to record and play back your recordings as well as overlay your recordings with those of a native speaker. This tool is perfect for improving your English pronunciation and accent. I found this tool more helpful than being taught by someone word by word how to pronounce difficult English words.

In regards to teaching you how to understand English:

Rocket English has 32 language lessons which teach you everything you need to know about the English language. You will definitely understand the English language in depth when you explore these lessons. The course is also structured to make it easy for you to understand English conclusively i.e. you learn the dos and don’ts of English. The course also has step by step explanations and audio tracks with extra English vocabulary.

In regards to cutting your English learning time by 50%:

Rocket English has lesson recommendations and progress tracking options that help you choose the best learning path for you. I liked this specific feature of the course very much. The fact that the course recognizes that different people have different learning preferences helps very much in guiding a person to take the path they prefer most. Also, the fact that you can track your progress with the course helps you identify where you are lagging behind. It is also worth noting that the course suggests to you the next best lesson according to your learning style. This definitely increases the pace of learning significantly. The flexibility of the course is the main reason why Rocket English cuts learning time by half.

In case you get stuck:

Rocket English has 24/7 online support ready to assist you. I have tried the online support a couple of times and the experience was great. The support is comprised of English teachers, fellow English enthusiasts as well as native English speakers. There is nothing this online support team can’t help you understand or pronounce provided it is English. You shouldn’t therefore be afraid when you get stuck. The support team is with you forever once you buy the course. The experience is similar to having your own English tutor/teacher on call virtually. The course also comes with a hotline number in case you encounter technical issues with the course.


In a nutshell, there is no better English course out there in the market that will offer such value for $29. 95 only. As mentioned above, traditional courses offering similar features and benefits will cost you over $1,000. This of course excludes the time saving and fast learning aspects you enjoy when you buy Rocket English. The only monitor setback I foresee is technical challenges. These are however very unlikely if you have basis computing skills like everyone else. In my own opinion, Rocket English Premium covers all aspects perfectly. The course teaches you English fast and effectively. You even have the option of choosing learning preferences and tracking your progress.

At just $29.95, I wouldn’t ask for a better English learning course that helps you understand English in-depth as well as teaches you how to speak English fluently. Even if the course was sold for $79.90, I would still buy it because it comes with bonus material worth $49.95 as well as a 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the course after buying it which is highly unlikely, you have 60 days to request for a refund.

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