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May 6th, 2010 in English Grammar, Improve English

Exclamations are often constructed with how and what. Exclamations with so and such are also common.

Exclamations with how
Exclamations with how are now considered a little formal or old-fashioned. In this construction how is followed by an adjective.

Blueberries ! How nice!

The structure ‘how + adjective/adverb + subject + verb’ is also posiible.

How beautiful she is! (NOT How she is beautiful!)
How beautifully she sings! (NOT How she sings beautifully!)

The structure ‘how + subject + verb’ is also possible.

How you have changed!

Exclamations with what

Common structures are: ‘what a/an + adjective + singular countable noun’

What a kind man! (NOT What kind man!)
What a beautiful flower! (NOT What beautiful flower!)
What a pleasant surprise! (NOT What pleasant surprise!)

what + adjective + uncountable / plural noun

What pleasant weather! (NOT What a pleasant weather!)
What beautiful flowers! (NOT What a beautiful flowers!)

What + object + subject + verb

What a beautiful smile you have!

Exclamations with so and such

Common structures are given below:

So + adjective

You are so beautiful!
He is so kind!

Such a/an + adjective + singular countable noun

Such a great experience! (NOT Such great experience!)

Such + adjective + uncountable / plural noun

They are such kind people! (NOT They are so kind people!)