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Easily confused words Quiz 1

October 31st, 2010 in English Quiz

Easily confused words are words which are very similar in spelling or pronunciation. Complete the following sentences with the appropriate word.

1.       He is very polite to his parents and treats them with great —————

a)      Difference
b)      Deference

2.       Liquor made without a licence is ——————

a)      Elicit
b)      Illicit

3.       The sky is clouded, so rain seems —————

a)      Eminent
b)      Imminent

4.       It is an —————- to think that the sun moves across the sky.

a)      Illusion
b)      Allusion

5.       There is no —————- between this and that.

a)      Difference
b)      Deference

6.       The investigators asked him many questions, but they failed to —————– a reply.

a)      Illicit
b)      Elicit

7.       People who are known to everyone are ——————-

a)      Eminent
b)      Imminent

8.       The minister did not make a single —————— to the incident in his speech.

a)      Illusion
b)      Allusion

9.       The meeting must be attended by fifty people. Forty people are already present. We want ten more to reach our —————-

a)      Compliment
b)      Complement

10.   When an object is standing still it is ——————

a)      Stationary
b)      Stationery


1.       Deference
2.       Illicit
3.       Imminent
4.       Illusion
5.       Difference
6.       Elicit
7.       Eminent
8.       Allusion
9.       Complement
10.   Stationary