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Relations shown by prepositions

January 24th, 2011 in English Grammar

Prepositions show various kinds of relations. The chief among them are given below.


Important place prepositions are: in, at, on, across, among, behind, under, below, above, over etc.

The boy ran across the road.
She stood behind the door.
I met him at the club.
The cat is under the bed.
She sat among the children.


    Important time prepositions are: at, before, till, until, for, since, after, in

    We started in the morning.
    The meeting is at 10 o’clock.
    We must return before sunset.
    We will wait till tomorrow.
    He stayed for a month.
    It has been raining since morning.

      Method and manner

      Prepositions: by and with

      He killed the spider with a stone.
      He killed the spider by hitting it.
      The letter came by post.
      They fought with courage.

        Reason and purpose

        Prepositions: with, of, for

        She trembled with anger.
        He died of malaria.
        Exercise is good for health.
        They struggled for freedom.


          Important prepositions indicating possession are: of, with and by.

          Delhi is the capital of India.
          I saw a boy with red hair.
          He is a man of character.
          He came by a lot of money.

            Direction and Motion

            Important prepositions indicating direction and motion are: into, on to, up, round and towards.

            He fell into the well.
            He walked towards the market.
            He climbed up the tree.
            The earth moves round the sun.