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Expressions with do

February 22nd, 2013 in Expressions

Do is a general purpose verb. It can refer to all activities. There are many word combinations using the word do. This list includes the most important expressions with the verb do.

Do business

This expression is used to discuss business deals of all kinds.

  • Most American companies want to do business in India and China.

Do a course

To do a course is to attend a class of some kind.

  • I would like to do a crash course in aeronautics.
  • ‘What are you doing now?’ ‘I’m doing a computer course.’

Do damage

To do damage is to cause damage to life or property.

  • The rioters caused a great deal of damage to public property.

Do a deal

To do a deal is to make a business transaction

  • We did a deal with a foreign firm last month.

Do the dishes

To do the dishes is to wash the dishes.

  • She would do everything, but she wouldn’t do the dishes.

Do your duty

To do your duty is to perform your responsibilities.

  • If everyone did their duty the world would be a much better place to live in.

Do an experiment

To do an experiment is to perform an experiment.

  • We did a science experiment yesterday.

Do good

To do good is to do something helpful.

  • Quite a few people mourned his death and that was hardly surprising. He did a lot of good during his life.

Do your homework

  • I can’t go out now. I need to do my homework.