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Words for describing people

June 1st, 2013 in Vocabulary

Add a bit of sophistication to your writing by using these words for describing people. They are not very common and that is what makes them special.


Munificent means ‘extremely generous’.

  • My grandfather was a munificent person. He used to make generous donations to charities.


A fastidious person cares a lot about small details and wants everything to be neat and tidy.

Synonyms: choosy, particular, squeamish, dainty

  • My father-in-law is a fastidious person. He is very concerned about matters of cleanliness.


Impeccable means ‘faultless’. Synonyms are: immaculate, irreproachable and perfect

  • Her clothes reflected her impeccable sense of style.
  • She speaks impeccable English.


Imperious means arrogant or domineering. Synonyms are: imperative, overbearing, masterful, authoritative

  • It was his imperious nature that made him thoroughly unpopular.


Reactionary means strongly opposed to any political or social change

  • Many men still hold reactionary views on the role of women in the society.


Callow means young and not experienced in life

He was young and callow; still, he possessed that determination to succeed in life.

Tyro or tiro

Tyro means someone who has only recently begun learning.

  • The young tyro needs some training before he can be inducted.


A person who avoids work by pretending to be ill.

  • He was a malingerer and that was the reason they fired him.


A person who gets annoyed easily.

  • At times he sounded like a curmudgeon.