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Reporting exclamations

May 30th, 2015 in English Learning

When we report exclamations we usually use a reporting verb like exclaimed, mourned, cried, shouted etc. Exclamation marks and the words like alas, hurrah etc., are omitted. The conjunction ‘that’ is used.

1. Mary said, ‘Oh! I am ill.’

2. The king said, ‘What a powerful man I am!’

3. He told me, ‘What an intelligent man you are!’

4. ‘What a beautiful garden!’ said the boys.

5. ‘How tired you look, mother!’ said the girl.

6. She cried, ‘How hot it is!’

7. ‘What a splendid building!’ the tourist said when he saw the Taj.

8. John said, ‘How deep the wound is!’

9. They said, ‘How happy we are here!’

10. He said, ‘How stupid I am!’


1. Mary exclaimed that she was very ill.

2. The king exclaimed that he was a very powerful man.

3. He exclaimed that I am very intelligent.

4. The boys exclaimed that it was a very beautiful garden.

5. The girl exclaimed that her mother looked very tired.

6. She exclaimed that it was terribly hot.

7. When he saw the Taj, the tourist exclaimed that it was a splendid building.

8. John cried out in pain that the wound was very deep.

9. They exclaimed that they were very happy there.

10. He wondered how stupid he was.