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Antonyms exercise

May 23rd, 2016 in English Quiz

Against each keyword are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase opposite in meaning to the keyword.

1. Maudlin

a) unemotional
b) sentimental
c) affectionate
d) foolish
e) tearful

2. Mawkish

a) maudlin
b) showing no emotion
c) pessimistic
d) self-pitying
e) optimistic

3. Mellifluous

a) Smooth
b) Harsh
c) sweet
d) fluent
e) ordinary

4. Mendacious

a) betraying
b) honest
c) kind
d) generous
e) miserly

5. Mendicant

a) affluent
b) aristocratic
c) despotic
d) beggar
e) none of these

6. Meretricious

a) valuable
b) genuine
c) sophisticated
d) captivating
e) superficially attractive

7. Mesmerize

a) Captivate
b) tantalize
c) infatuate
d) bore
e) mystify

8. Meticulous

a) careless
b) thorough
c) scrupulous
d) pedantic
e) fastidious

9. Mettle

a) pluck
b) nerve
c) courage
d) cowardly
e) vigor

10. Mettlesome

a) audacious
b) cowardly
c) strong
d) gutsy
e) meddlesome

11. Microcosm

a) atomic
b) universe
c) celestial
d) macrocosm
e) none of these

12. Mischievous

a) naughty
b) impish
c) wicked
d) rogue
e) well-behaved


1. unemotional

2. showing no emotion

3. harsh

4. honest

5. affluent

6. genuine

7. bore

8. careless

9. cowardly

10. cowardly

11. macrocosm

12. well-behaved