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Verb patterns with gerunds

August 8th, 2016 in Improve English

An -ing form can be the subject or object of a verb.

Study the examples given below.

  • Smoking is injurious to health.

Here the -ing form smoking is the subject of the verb is. Note that when an -ing form or an infinitive is used as the subject, the verb should be singular in number.

  • Singing is his passion. (NOT Singing are her passion.)
  • Reading is her favourite pastime.

Here are some verb patterns using the –ing form.

Subject + verb + gerund (-ing form)

In this pattern, the gerund is the object of the verb. Common verbs that can be used in this pattern include: begin, start, love, like, hate, stop, finish, enjoy, prefer, far, remember, forget, mind, miss, suggest, practice, try, understand, keep, help, admit, advise, avoid, consider, intend, delay, deny

  • She began sobbing.
  • She finished talking about her illnesses.
  • I hate borrowing money.
  • Mrs. Mukherji enjoys reading.
  • He started teaching at twenty.
  • I suggest consulting a doctor.
  • I wouldn’t advise quitting now.
  • Would you mind moving a bit?
  • She kept saying the same thing.
  • I remember seeing him at the library.
  • He avoided meeting his old classmates.
  • I will never forget buying my first bicycle.
  • He denied taking the money.