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Common idioms

November 21st, 2016 in English Learning

Here are some common idiomatic expressions in English.

You rock

This is an expression used to praise someone. When you say that someone rocks what you mean is that they are great.

Let your freak flag fly

To let your freak flag fly is to do things that would help others to see your uniqueness.

Cry wolf

To cry wolf is to call for help when you don’t need it.

Pull a rabbit out of a hat

To pull a rabbit out of a hat is to do something totally unexpected.

Be a catch

If someone is a catch, they are very desirable.

Let the chips fall where they may

To let the chips fall where they may is to let things happen no matter what the consequences may be.

By the skin of your teeth

If you escape by the skin of your teeth, you escape narrowly. If you win by the skin of your teeth, you only just succeed.

Go the extra mile

To go the extra mile is to make a special effort to do something.

Crunch time

If it is the crunch time, it is that period of time when you have to work really hard because you are extremely close to the deadline.

Get out of hand

When things get out of hand, you lose control of them.