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Sample Conversation About An Interview

September 11th, 2018 in English Learning

In most cases an interview is the last hurdle you need to clear before you can get your dream job. No interviews are completely predictable and hence it is impossible to suggest a sure shot strategy that you can follow.

Here is a sample conversation about an interview.

Storyline: Mary has just had an interview and is quite confident of getting the job. Here is a piece of conversation between her and her friend Jack.

Jack: Hi Mary, I heard you were looking for a job. Have you found any?

Mary: Well, I haven’t found one as yet but I soon will. In fact, I just had an interview yesterday.

Jack: Oh. How did it go?

Mary: I think I did well and I’m hoping to hear from them. The interviewer told me that they’d take a decision in a day or two.

Jack: Looks like they want to hire someone as soon as possible.

Mary: Yeah! It’s an important position and they don’t want it to lie vacant for long.

Jack: So what are you chances of getting that job?

Mary: I think I’ve a good chance. The interviewer seems to be impressed with my work experience and qualifications.

Jack: Great. Good luck, then.

Mary: Thanks.