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Antonyms Exercise

June 25th, 2019 in Vocabulary

Against each key word are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the key word.

1. Fiction

a) pretense b) narrative c) fabrication d) fact

2. Fidelity

a) disloyalty b) conformity c) commitment d) availability

3. Fierce

a) aggressive b) gentle c) intense d) troubled

4. Flagitious

a) notorious b) honest c) sadist d) lifeless

5. Flashy

a) ostentatious b) gaudy c) pleasant d) dull

6. Flexible

a) stiff b) strong c) viable d) rational

7. Flighty

a) capricious b) reliable c) mercurial d) weary

8. Fluster

a) agitate b) soothe c) muddle d) confuse

9. Forbear

a) refrain b) withhold c) remove d) claim

10. Forlorn

a) desolate b) cheerful c) spiritual d) comfortless

11. Fractious

a) temperate b) fragile c) violent d) righteous

12. Fragrant

a) smelly b) aromatic c) redolent d) helpless

13. Frenzy

a) calmness b) agitated c) fury d) madness

14. Forward

a) behind b) bold c) send d) promote

15. Frugal

a) spendthrift b) miserly c) stingy d) careful

16. Fugitive

a) brief b) transient c) permanent d) fleeting

17. Gather

a) scatter b) collect c) amass d) patent

18. Gaudy

a) graceful b) garnish c) ornate d) fatuous

19. General

a) category b) kind c) rare d) surplus

20. Generous

a) kind b) substantial c) tightfisted d) munificent


1. fact

 2. disloyalty

 3. gentle

 4. honest

 5. dull

 6. stiff

 7. reliable

 8. soothe

 9. claim

 10. cheerful

 11. temperate

 12. smelly

 13. calmness

 14. behind

 15. spendthrift

 16. permanent

 17. scatter

 18. graceful

 19. rare

 20. tightfisted