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Saying What You Want To

December 3rd, 2019 in English Learning

Use a phrase like I’d like to … (= I would like to) or I want to… to talk about what you would like to do.

• I’d like to meet your husband.

• I’d like to apply for that job.

• I’d like to have something to drink.

• I’d like to visit France.

• I’d like to start a business.

• I’d like to take you out for a meal.

• I’d like to meet the manager.

• I’d like to have a word with the boss.

• I’d like to use your computer for a minute.

• I’d like to make a call.

I would like you to…

The structure I’d like you to… can be used to ask people to do things.

• I’d like him to clean the room.

• I’d like you to type these letters.

• I’d like her to do it.

• I’d like you to answer that call.

I want to…

• I want to leave now.

• I want to book a ticket.

• I want to talk to him.

• I want to apply for that job.

• I want to speak to her as soon as possible.

• I want to have a look at the report.

• I want to use the restroom.

• I want to come back here again.