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Reported Speech Exercise

November 9th, 2021 in English Quiz

Change into indirect speech.

1. He said, ‘She lives here.’

2. ‘She is waiting for us, ‘ said Martin.

3. ‘You are wasting time, ‘ I said to her.

4. ‘She has won the first prize,’ he said.

5. ‘Rani will come,’ said Suman.

6. ‘They will be finishing the job by Monday,’ he told me.

7. ‘Why are you crying?’ I asked her.

8. ‘Where did they go?’ I asked her.

9. ‘Grandma might arrive tomorrow,’ mother said to me.

10. ‘Can I have a look at your answer sheet,’ I asked her.

11. ‘What is your problem,’ I asked her.

12. ‘We can’t afford to spend any more time on this,’ I told them.


1. He said that she lived there.

2. Martin said that she was waiting for us.

3. I told her that she was wasting time.

4. He said that she had won the first prize.

5. Suman said that Rani would come.

6. He told me that they would be finishing the job by Monday.

7. I asked her why she was crying.

8. I asked her where they had gone.

9. Mother told me that grandma might arrive the following day.

10. I asked her if I could have a look at her answer sheet.

11. I asked her what her problem was.

12. I told them that we couldn’t afford to spend any more time on that.