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Passive Voice Exercise

May 22nd, 2023 in English Quiz

Change the sentences in the active voice into passive voice.

1. I have prepared the report.

2. My father built this house.

3. The children drank the soup.

4. He rang the door bell.

5. She won the first prize.

6. I am drafting the report.

7. They are digging a well in their backyard.

8. They congratulated the winners.

9. The critics praised her performance.

10. They took the injured to the hospital.

11. The terrorists blew up the bridge.

12. They erected a memorial in his honor.


1. The report has been prepared by me.

2. This house was built by my father.

3. The soup was drunk by the children.

4. The door bell was rung by him.

5. The first prize was won by her.

6. The report is being drafted by me.

7. A well is being dug in their backyard.

8. The winners were congratulated by them.

9. Her performance was praised by the critics.

10. The injured were taken to the hospital.

11. The bridge was blown up by the terrorists.

12. A memorial was erected in his honor.