Cover Letter Writing Tips

When you send your CV or resume for a job interview, you should always include a cover letter. The cover letter is a letter of application that serves the purpose of introducing you for an interview. Here are some tips for writing a good cover letter.

Cover Letter Outline

A cover letter should have the following outline.

Your address
The address of the company you are applying to
Opening paragraph
Middle Paragraph or paragraphs
Closing paragraph

    Opening paragraph

    The opening paragraph of the cover letter should clearly state what job you are applying for. It should catch the attention of the interviewer and make him/her interested in you.

    Middle paragraph(s)

    In the middle paragraphs you should give a comprehensive account of your education and work experience. You may also state other personal or technical skills that will be useful in the job you are applying for. The purpose of these paragraphs is to give the interviewer plenty of reasons to invite you to an interview.

    Closing paragraph

    In the last paragraph you can ask for an interview appointment time. Make it clear that you will be happy to come to the employer’s office when it is convenient to them. Provide your telephone number and email address so that the interviewer can easily follow up.


    Begin your cover letter by placing your address first. It should be followed by the address of the company you are applying to.

    Use complete names / titles and address; don’t abbreviate.

    Write directly to the person in charge of hiring.

    Always sign your letter before sending it.