Affirmative and negative exercise

Answer the following in the affirmative and in the negative. An example is given below.

Is she better today?

Yes, she is better today.

No, she is not better today.


1. Did you go to school yesterday?

2. Did she pass the test?

3. Are you coming with me?

4. Are you going on a holiday?

5. Did you like the movie?

6. Does she know the answer?

7. Were they impressed with your work?

8. Do you speak English?

9. Will you help me?

10. Were you happy to win the prize?

11. Do you want to take a break?

12. Did she recognize you?


1. Yes, I went to school yesterday. / No, I didn’t go to school yesterday.

2. Yes, she passed the test. / No, she didn’t pass the test.

3. Yes, I am coming with you. / No, I am not coming with you.

4. Yes, I am going on a holiday. / No, I am not going on a holiday.

5. Yes, I liked the movie. / No, I did not like the movie.

6. Yes, she knows the answer. / No, she does not know the answer.

7. Yes, they were impressed with my work. / No, they were not impressed with my work.

8. Yes, I speak English. / No, I do not speak English.

9. Yes, I will help you. / No, I will not help you.

10. Yes, I was happy to win the prize. / No, I was not happy to win the prize.

11. Yes, I want to take a break. / No, I do not want to take a break.

12. Yes, she recognized me. / No, she did not recognize me.