All of us make mistakes. Sometimes there are problems at the workplace because of our actions. In this case, we may need to say sorry to a customer or a colleague.

To apologize, use I’m sorry… or Sorry…

I’m sorry – I forgot to bring that file with me.

I’m sorry – I’ve forgotten your name.

I’m sorry – I forgot about the meeting.

I’m sorry I’m late.

Sorry – I’ve got to go now.

Sorry, I can’t hear you properly. Can you speak a little louder, please?

Sorry, I didn’t know you were coming.

Sorry, I didn’t introduce you.

If you have to tell a customer that there is a problem, you can start your sentence with I’m afraid…

I’m afraid there is a delay.

I’m afraid the flight has been cancelled.

I’m afraid I can’t accept this invitation.

I’m afraid that product is out of stock.

I’m afraid the program has been cancelled.

I’m afraid we are behind schedule.

Note that the expression ‘I’m afraid…’ means ‘I’m sorry to tell you that…’

If someone apologizes to you, you may say ‘That’s all right’ or ‘Don’t worry’. This way you can let them know that you are not angry with them.

‘I’m afraid I broke the vessel. I couldn’t help it.’  ‘Don’t worry.’

‘I’m sorry, I forgot to send that parcel.’ ‘That’s all right.’