Conversations About Fear

Here are some sample conversations about fear.

I am a bit scared

Ann: Hello Mary, can you come over? I’m all alone here and a bit scared too.
Mary: What happened? Did you watch a horror film or something?
Ann: Yeah. I did. I just watched a horror movie on TV. It scared the hell out of me. Actually now I’m afraid of sitting alone.
Mary: Oh dear. Don’t worry. I’m coming.

Why are you looking petrified?

Vicky: What happened? You look petrified.
Ricky: Yeah. I just had a terrifying ordeal. I was walking down the street when a pack of dogs came running after me. I don’t know what provoked them. I was so scared that I immediately took to my heels, but they were faster and cornered me in a matter of seconds.
Vicky: I’m sorry to hear that.
Ricky: Yeah. I was yelling for help. I thought they’d kill me. Luckily for me, a tall guy came from nowhere. He scared them away with a stick.
Vicky: Were you hurt?
Ricky: No, I wasn’t hurt. They didn’t bite me but I guess they’d have if that man hadn’t come.
Vicky: Any way I’m relieved to hear that you’re all right. You should always avoid vacant streets.
Ricky: That’s an important lesson I learned today.