Eating out: asking for information

To ask about the restaurant or café that you are going to, use Where is…?

Where is the Chinese restaurant?

Where is the washroom?

To ask about the price of something, use How much…?

How much is a bottle of mineral water?

How much is an ice cream?

How much is a burger?

How much is it for a three course meal?

How much is it for a pizza?

To ask about the ingredients used to make a dish, use What is in…?

What is in this sauce?

To ask if a particular ingredient is present in a dish, use Is there any…?

Is there any butter in this dessert?

Is there any garlic in this soup?

Ordering food

After you arrive at the restaurant, you have to tell the waiter how many people will be eating. Use the expression A table for … please.

A table for four, please.

‘A table for three.’ ‘Certainly, Sir.’

To order a dish, use I’d like (= I would like) or I’ll have (= I will have). Use please to sound polite.

I’ll have a pizza, please.

I’d like an ice cream, please.

I’ll have the chicken, please.

I’ll have the salad for my starter.

I’ll have the rice for my main course.


A starter is a small amount of food that forms the first part of a meal. A main course is the biggest part of the meal.

I’ll have the chicken soup as my main course, please.

For dessert, I’ll have apple juice.