Eating out

If you are planning to eat out, you will need to make arrangements with your friends or family about when and where to meet. You will also want to order to food. The phrases given in this chapter will help you do all this with confidence.

Making arrangements

To suggest a plan, use We can…

We can eat out.

We can have lunch at a restaurant.

We can have dinner in town.

We can have a coffee.

We can have dinner together.

Use I’ll (= I will) to say that you will do something.

I’ll meet you outside the café.

I’ll get to the restaurant before 6 pm.

I’ll be at the restaurant.

I’ll wait for you outside the restaurant.

To ask someone about the place where they would like to meet, use Where…?

Where shall we meet?

Where would you like to eat?

Where shall we go to eat?

Use When…? or What time…? to ask a friend or colleague about the time they would like to meet.

When shall we meet?

When would you like to meet for lunch?

When would you like to have dinner?

When do you want to have lunch?

What time shall we meet?

What time do you want to have dinner?

To ask if somebody is happy with an arrangement, use Is…OK?

Is 8 o’clock OK?

Is a Chinese meal OK with you?

Is it OK to meet at the restaurant?

If you feel that some other arrangement would be better, use Is it better to…?

Is it better to book a table?

Is it better to meet outside the café?

Is it better to go to a Chinese restaurant?

Is it better to arrive early?