General aches and pains

Here are a few expressions you can use to talk about general pains and aches.

My right leg hurts.

My arm hurts.

I have a nagging pain in the head.

I have broken my leg.

I have sprained my ankle.

My legs are sore.

I sprained my ankle while playing football.

I can’t walk that much because of the leg pains.

I have arthritis. I can’t bend my knees.

I can’t walk without support.

I fell off the stairs and broke my leg yesterday.

My mother has arthritis so she can’t move her hands and legs well.

Here is a range of phrases and sentences you can use to talk about the general aches and pains that affect the legs.

My legs are sore because I went jogging in the morning.

I often get cramps on my calves.

I banged my head against the wall yesterday.

My shoes are tight. They hurt me a lot.

He hit me in the thigh and I can’t walk well now.

I banged my knee against the wall and it still hurts.

Your ankle is swollen. I think you have sprained it.

I broke my leg month while I was playing cricket.

He fell off the ladder and broke his leg.