Asking for and giving information

Asking for and giving explanations

The simplest way to ask for an explanation is to use Why…?

Why do I have to fill in this form?

Why do I have to wait?

Why did you reject my application?

Why do you refuse to admit us?

Why did they back out of the deal?

Why can’t you behave?

Why do I have to obey your orders?

Why do I have to work on Saturdays?

Why can’t I park here?

Why can’t I borrow books from the library?

Questions beginning with ‘Could you explain…?’ can also be used to ask people to explain something.

Could you explain why litmus paper changes color?

Could you explain why trees shed their leaves in autumn?

Could you explain why iron rusts?

Could you explain how mutation occurs?

Could you explain how to do this calculation?

To ask for a reason, use ‘What is the reason…?’

What is the reason for her unhappiness?

What is the reason for his failure?

What is the reason for the sudden change in temperature?

What is the reason for his absence?

To give an explanation, use ‘Because’.

‘Why are you crying?’ ‘Because dad scolded me.’

‘Why are you late?’ ‘Because I missed my train.’

‘Why do you want to quit?’ ‘Because I’m bored.’

‘Why were you absent yesterday?’ ‘Because I was ill.’

‘Why didn’t she attend the meeting?’ ‘Because she was in Paris at that time.’