Hellos and Goodbyes

Here is a quick overview of common expressions used to greet people.

Use Hello… as a general greeting. This is a polite expression that you can use to greet anyone in any situation.

Hello Martin. How are you doing?

Hello Mrs. Peters.

Use Hi… in informal situations. You can use this expression to greet your friends.

Hi Mike. How are things with you?

Hi, what’s up?

Oh hi Maria, I didn’t know you were here.

Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening are used in slightly more formal situations.

You can, for example, use these expressions when you meet your teacher, neighbor or colleague.

Good morning ma’am.

Good morning everybody. Today we are going to learn about conditional clauses.

Good afternoon Sir.

Use Goodbye… when you leave someone.

Goodbye Sheila. Take care.

Goodbye Mathews. Have a safe journey.

Goodbye… is often shortened to Bye…

Bye everyone.

Use Goodnight… when you are going to bed. The same expression can be used to greet another person who is going to bed.

Goodnight everybody – see you in the morning.

Goodnight Maya. Sweet dreams.

See you… is an informal way of saying goodbye. Use this expression if you are certain that you will meet that person again.

I must be going. See you.

See you tomorrow.

See you next week.

Use Welcome! to greet a person who has come to a place for the first time.

Welcome to Mumbai!