Asking for information

Before you can ask for information, you will probably have to get someone’s attention. To do this, first use the phrase Excuse me.

Excuse me, where can I get my shoes mended?

Excuse me, is the airport near here?

Excuse me, how far is it to the railway station from here?

Excuse me. Do you know where John lives?

Excuse me. Could you tell me the time?

To ask general questions about things, use Is…?

Is the post office far from here?

Is it far to the super market?

To ask whether something exists, use Is there…? or Are there any…?

 Is there any milk in the can?

Is there an internet café in the area?

Is there anyone who can help me?

Is there anything I can do for you?

Is there a clinic near here?

Is there a garage in the area?

Is there a hairdresser near here?

Are there any spas nearby?

Are there any parks in this area?

To ask about the time that something will happen, use What time…? or When…?

What time does the shop open?

What time does the show start?

What time does the train arrive?

What time do I need to be there?

When should I come back?

When is my appointment?

To ask about the price of something, use How much…?

How much are these shoes?

How much is an eye test?

How much is a haircut?

How much is that dress?

How much do you charge to fix a camera?

To ask how much time something will take, use How long…?

How long is the appointment?

How long do I have to wait?