Asking for medical information

If you are ill or have an accident, you will probably have to ask for information about getting medical attention.

Here are a few questions you can ask.


Before you ask a question, say Excuse me. This simple phrase will instantly make your question more polite.

Excuse me, is there a hospital nearby?

Excuse me, is there a pharmacy on this street?

Excuse me. Could you tell me how far it is to the nearest hospital from here?

Excuse me. Where is the X-ray department?

Excuse me. Is there a dentist in this area?

To find out more information about someone or something, start your questions with What…? Which…?, Who…?, How…? etc.

What is this syrup for?

What number should I call for an ambulance?

Where is the doctor’s office?

How do I make an appointment?

Which street is the clinic in?

Which doctor did you see?

Which doctor should I consult?

Which is the best clinic in this town?

Who is the best dermatologist on this street?

How often should I take this medicine?

How long will I have to be in hospital?

Which ward is he in?

How often should I take this medicine?

When should I take this tablet?

When can I see the doctor?

When does visiting time start?

Use what time to ask about when things will happen.

What time is my appointment?

What time does the doctor arrive?

What time should I need to arrive?

What time is my operation?

Asking for things

Use Have you got…? to ask for things.

Have you got syrup for dry cough?

Have you got anything for a fever?