Asking about people’s plans and arrangments

Here are a few questions you can use to ask about people’s plans.

‘Are you planning to live here for long?’ ‘No, I’m leaving next week.’

‘How long are you planning to stay here?’ ‘I’ll be staying here for a few days.’ / ‘I’m leaving tomorrow.’

‘When are you leaving for Singapore?’ ‘I’m leaving next week / tomorrow.’

‘Do you like it here?’ ‘Yes, I love it!’ / ‘I like it a lot.’ / ‘Yes, I like it here but I miss my country.’

‘Are you planning to stay here for a month?’ ‘I don’t know. I might leave any day.’

‘Did you enjoy your stay in Kabul?’ ‘Yeah, I enjoyed it very much.’

‘Would you like to come back?’ ‘Sure.’

‘What do you like about this city?’ ‘I like the night life.’ / ‘I like the weather.’ / ‘I like the scenic landscape.’ / ‘I like the greenery.’ / ‘I like the street food.’ / ‘I like everything about this city.’ / ‘I like the sights and sounds.’

Living arrangements

Here are a few questions you can use to ask about a person’s living arrangements.

‘Who do you live with?’ ‘I live with my parents / sister / my husband / my in-laws / my friends / my aunt.’ / ‘I live alone.’

‘Do you live on your own?’ ‘Yes, I live on my own.’ / ‘No, I live with my family.’

Asking for contact details

‘What’s your phone number?’ ‘My number is …’

‘Could I take your phone number?’ ‘Sure. Please write down. My number is …’ /