Shopping: asking for information

While you are shopping, you may have several doubts and questions. To find general information, use questions with Where…? or Which…?

Where is the nearest bank?

Where is the changing room?

Where can I find fresh fruits?

Which color do you recommend for my skin tone?

Which batteries should I buy for my toy train set?

Which floor is the men’s department on?

To ask if there is a particular shop in a town, use Is there…?

Is there a supermarket near here?

Is there a gas station near here?

Is there a car park near the restaurant?

Is there a baker’s in this town?

To ask if a shop has something, use Is there…? or Do you have…?

Is there an electronics section?

Are there changing rooms on the third floor?

Is there a dairy products section?

Do you have these shoes in a smaller size?

To find more information about something you are interested in saying, use Is this…? or Is it…?

Is this the only color you have?

Is it available in another color?

Is this the smallest size?

Are these shoes made of original leather?

To ask the price, use How much…?

How much is this shirt?

How much is a haircut?

How much are these oranges?

To ask whether you can do something, use Can I…?

Can I pay by credit card?

Can I try this on?

Can I get it exchanged for another shirt?

Can I get a discount?

Can I get this doll giftwrapped?