Talking about diets

Dieting is a favorite topic for conversation. Many people want to lose weight and nearly all of them have tried dieting at least once.

When you see someone who has lost weight, you will probably want to compliment them on their look. Here are some phrases and sentences you can use.

You’ve lost lots of weight. You look so beautiful now.

Are you dieting? You seem to have lost weight.

You look gorgeous. Are you dieting?

Wow! Now that you’ve lost weight, you look so hot.

Some people don’t lose weight even if they try dieting. If they are too worried about their weight, you should avoid discussing it with them. You don’t want to hurt their sentiments.

Sometimes people lose weight even though they don’t want to. This is usually a sign of a health problem.

People sometimes discuss diets during meals. Here are a few questions you can ask if the person sitting across the table is trying to eat less.

Are you on a diet? You didn’t eat anything.

Why aren’t you eating that dessert? Are you trying to lose weight?

Are you not hungry?

Don’t you feel like eating?

Here are some replies.

Yes, I’m trying to lose some weight.

Yes, I want to lose a few pounds.

Yes, I am dieting.

Yes, I have been on a diet for two months.

My dietician has asked me not to eat anything fatty.