Talking about family relationships

Here are a few expressions you can use to talk about your family and relationships.

Brothers and sisters

To ask if somebody has a brother or sister, you can use a structure with have got or do you have.

Have you got any brothers or sisters?’ ‘Yes, I’ve got two sisters and a brother.’

Has Peter got any brothers or sisters?’ ‘Yes, he’s got a younger brother and an elder sister.’

Has Mary got any brothers or sisters?’ ‘No, she hasn’t got any brothers or sisters. She’s an only child.’

‘Do you have any brothers or sisters?’ ‘I’ve two brothers but I don’t have any sisters.’

Children and grandchildren

Have you got any children?’ / ‘Yes, I’ve got three children – a boy and two girls. The boy is ten and the girls are four.’

Do you have any kids?’ ‘No, I don’t have any kids.’

Has she got a daughter?’ ‘Yes, she’s got a daughter.’

Has she got a son?’ ‘No, she hasn’t got a son, but she’s got a beautiful daughter.’


We can use both have and have got to talk about our possessions and relationships. However, have got is more common than have.

She has blue eyes. = She has got blue eyes.

Maria has got a new boyfriend.


Do you have any grandchildren?’ ‘Yes, I’ve got six grandchildren – two boys and four girls.’

Does she have any grandchildren?’ ‘No, she doesn’t have any grandchildren.’ / ‘No, she hasn’t got any grandchildren.’