Talking about your plans

In English, we use several different structures to talk about our plans. They are:

Present continuous with going to

I am going to meet your dad tomorrow.

I am going to apply for that job.

I am going to call him.

I am going to have dinner with Peter.

Present continuous

I am meeting them tomorrow.

I am leaving on Monday.

Simple future

I will arrive in the evening.

I will pay the fee in advance.

Future continuous

I will be spending the weekend with my grandparents.

I will be staying for a week.

Other structures

To ask someone about their plans, use Are you going to…? or Will you…?

Are you going to go to the movie?

Are you going to get that car repaired?

Are you going to visit them next week?

Will you bring your camera with you?

Will you come with me?

We use several other structures as well.

I am planning to…

I am planning to spend the evening with my kids.

I am planning to buy a new car.

I am planning to visit the museum.

I am planning to take a vacation.

I am planning to move into a bigger home.

I am thinking of…

Use this structure to talk about what you are thinking of doing. Note that after ‘thinking of’ you have to use an –ing form.

I am thinking of buying a new car.

I am thinking of visiting Amsterdam.

I am thinking of starting a business.

To talk about something that you would like to do, use I hope to…

I hope to find a nice gift for my daughter.

I hope to find something for under 10 dollars.