Warnings and emergencies


To tell someone that they are in danger, shout Look out! or say Be careful!

Be careful on those steps. The tiles are wet and slippery.

Be careful! It’s very stormy outside.

Look out! We’re going to crash.

Watch out! That tree is falling.

Be careful! The glass is too hot.

Medical emergencies

Here are some phrases that you can use in a medical emergency.

Call the doctor!

Call an ambulance!

I want to see a doctor.

I need a doctor. I think I’m having a heart attack / a stroke.

I’ve cut myself.

I hit my head against the wall. Now I’m feeling a little faint.

I’ve broken my arm / leg.

I feel dizzy. / I’m feeling dizzy.

I’ve burnt myself.


Both simple and continuous forms of feel can be used to talk about feelings that are going on at a particular moment. There is no difference of meaning.

I feel fine. = I’m feeling fine.

Sympathetic responses

Here are some phrases / sentences that you can use to comfort a person experiencing a medical condition.

Are you OK?

Don’t worry. We’re taking you to the hospital.

Don’t worry. You’re alright.

It’s nothing serious.

Take this tablet / medicine. It should relieve the pain / discomfort.


If you are at the spot where a crime is being committed, shout Stop!


Stop, thief!

Call the police!