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We could do it first thing in the morning.

Janet has been replying to letters and emails for a long time. Her colleague Martin asks her if she has finished.

Martin: Have you replied to all those letters and emails?

Janet: I’m afraid not. We received quite a few letters today.

Martin: How many letters do you still have to reply to?

Janet: I still have to do about ten more.

Martin: Do you think you can finish them before it’s time to get off work?

Janet: No, I don’t think so.

Martin: Then maybe you can send them tomorrow.

Janet: Yes, why not? These letters are not urgent. I’ll do it first thing tomorrow morning.

Martin: OK. Then let’s call it quits and go home.

Why is life always rushie-rushie?

Storyline: Ricky takes a long time to finish his lunch so his wife Sonia complains that he is slow.

Sonia: You haven’t finished with your lunch yet! Are you going to sit at that table all day long? You’re so slow!

Ricky: I’m not. I hate having to rush all the time.

Sonia: But we’ve to reach the railway station at 2 o’clock. Did you forget? The train won’t wait for us.

Ricky: God, I almost forgot that. You should have reminded me earlier.

Sonia: Great! Now the fault is mine.

Ricky: Oh, come on darling. I’ll be done in a second. Why is life always so rushie-rushie?