Do and Make Differences

The general purpose do has several uses. It is sometimes confused with the verb make. These words have similar meanings, but there are also a few differences.

Uses of do

Do is commonly used with the words thing, something, nothing, anything, everything etc.

He did something strange.

I like doing nothing.

He did nothing.

We use do when we talk about work and jobs.

Would you like to do this job?

I don’t like to do any work.

Uses of make

Make is used to talk about constructing or creating.

Let me make some food.

I will make you some coffee.

When we want to sound casual about an activity we often use do instead of make.

‘What shall we eat?’ ‘Well, let me just do an omelette.’

Do is used in the following fixed expressions

Do good

Do harm
Do business
Do one’s best
Do a favor
Do one’s hair
Do one’s duty

Make is used in the following fixed expressions:

Make a journey
Make an offer
Make arrangements
Make a suggestion
Make an attempt
Make an excuse
Make a mistake
Make money
Make a phone call
Make peace
Make war
Make a bed