Black Idioms

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions using the word ‘black’.

Black and blue

This expression is used to mean that a body part is bruised.

  • My leg was black and blue after I hit it against the table.

Black and white

If something is black and white, it is either good or bad.

  • You can’t see everything in black and white.

Black eye

This expression is used to refer to a bruise near one’s eye.

  • John got a black eye when Peter him on his face.

Black market

This expression is used to refer to the marketplace where goods are bought and sold illegally.

  • We bought the tickets on the black market.

Black out

To black out is to faint.

  • The girl blacked out because she had been standing for hours.

Black sheep

The black sheep is a person who is a disgrace to his family.

  • James was the black sheep in his family. While his siblings were rich and famous, he didn’t even have a job.

Blackball (somebody)

To blackball somebody is to ostracize them.

  • The community blackballed him because he refused to conform to their standards.

Blacklist (somebody)

To blacklist somebody is to ostracize them.

  • The athletic federation blacklisted the boxer when it was discovered that he was using steroids.

Blackmail (someone)

To blackmail somebody is to take money from them by threatening them with dire consequences.

  • The actress complained that the photographer was blackmailing her.