Business idioms

Across the board

If something is implemented across the board, it affects everyone or everything.

  • The company is expected to increase salaries across the board.

Adjourn a meeting

To adjourn a meeting is to end a meeting.

  • The meeting has been adjourned until the next day.

At a loss

If something is sold at a loss, its price is lower than its cost.

  • Thanks to competition, companies are often forced to sell products at a loss.

Bail a company out

To bail a company out is to rescue a company from financial trouble.

  • The government will have to bail out at least some of these financial institutions if it wants to maintain stability in the economy.

Ball park figure/estimate

A ball park figure is a rough estimate.

A: ‘What will be the cost of repairing the roof?’

B: I’d say 600 dollars, but that is a ball park figure.’

Bang for the buck

When you get bang for the buck, you get value for the money spent.

  • I think you will get much bang for the buck if you start advertising on the internet.

Banker’s hours

Banker’s hours are short working hours. People working in a bank typically work fewer hours than those who work in other establishments.

  • If you want to work banker’s hours, you shouldn’t apply for a job in sales and marketing.

Bankroll someone

To bankroll someone is to finance them.

  • The rich parents bankrolled their son while he was launching his new project.

Bean counter

This is an informal term for an accountant.

  • We were keen on moving to a bigger office, but the bean counters told us that we didn’t have enough money.