Common expressions with put

Be much put about (be troubled or worried)
I was much put about by the news.

Put an idea across (persuade people to accept it or approve of it)

Put something away (put into the proper place, the place where it is usually kept)

After ironing the clothes I put them away in the cupboard.

Put back (slow down or delay the development of something)

Put by (save for future use)

Put down (write down; suppress a rebellion etc.)
The police failed to put down the riots.

Put forward (put a theory etc., before people for their consideration)

Put in (submit a document)
He has put in his resignation letter.

Put in for (apply for a position etc.)

Put in an appearance (be present at a meeting etc.)
He has agreed to put in an appearance at the party.

Put off (postpone)
The meeting has been put off.

Put somebody off (disappoint, displease etc)
His rude manners put me off.

Put up (offer goods for sale)
I am planning to put up my old computer.

Put up a fight (not give way without a struggle)
Our team put up a spirited fight before losing by one goal.

Put up with (endure, bear patiently without protest)
I can’t put up with her intrusive nature.