Some common idiomatic expressions

Take the shine off

To take the shine off something is to make it seem less good.

Take a shine to

To take a shine to something is to develop a liking for it.

Come out of your shell

To come out of one’s shell is to stop being shy or reserved.

Keep your shirt on

To keep your shirt on is to stay calm in trying circumstances.

Be caught short

When you are caught short, you are put at a disadvantage.

In the short run

In the near future

Show your hand

To show your hand is to reveal your plans.

Show something off

To show something off is to display something that is a source of pride.

Pump something out

To pump something out is to produce something in large quantities or number.

  • The factory has been pumping out cheap goods.

Pump iron

To pump iron is to exercise with weights.

  • Bodybuilders pump iron to build muscle.

Get the push

When you get the push, you are dismissed. When you give someone the push, you dismiss them.

  • You will get the push if you keep coming late.

Push your luck

To push your luck is to take a risk in the belief that you will continue to enjoy good luck.

  • He was pushing his luck when he invested all of his money in real estate.