Some common idioms

Idioms are common in all kinds of English – formal and informal, spoken and written. These are fixed expressions that are special to one language. The problem with idioms is that you cannot always guess their meaning.

This section deals with the most common idioms in English. Each idiom is followed by its definition or meaning and example sentences.

Keep Me in the Loop

To keep someone in the loop is to keep them informed.

I really want to know what is going to happen so keep in the loop.

Down to Earth

If you are down to earth, you are very sensible, reasonable and realistic.

I admire him. He is so down to earth.
Peter is the nicest person I have ever met. He is so down to earth and easy to get along with.
She may be rich and famous but she lives her life very down to earth.

I have been burned = I have been cheated

‘So did you end up going on a date with her?’ ‘No, I got burned. She went out with another guy.’
I will never buy another used car. I got burned on the last one I bought.

No Strings Attached

If something comes no strings attached, it comes without any conditions. That means there are no hidden clauses.

We are giving away free eBooks , no strings attached.
He said he would do it for free, no strings attached.

It Can’t Hurt = there is no harm trying

You must try a new diet. It can’t hurt.
You must get a second opinion. You know, it can’t hurt.