Some common idioms

Here are some common idioms in English.

Back to the drawing board

An expression used to suggest that you have to start working on something again because an attempt or experiment has failed.

Ball is in your court

When the ball is in your court, it is up to you to take the next step.

Barking up the wrong tree

To bark up the wrong tree is to put the blame on the wrong person or to look for something in the wrong place.

Basket case

You are a basket case when you become powerless or ineffective because of stress, panic or nerves.

Beat around the bush

To beat around the bush is to talk about a topic but omit discussing its main points often intentionally.

Beat a dead horse

To beat a dead horse is to continue to work on something that is unlikely to yield the desired result.

Best of both worlds

When you enjoy the best of both worlds, you are in a situation that allows you to take advantage of two different opportunities.

Bite off more than one can chew

To bite off more than one can chew is to assume more responsibility than you can handle.

Bite the bullet

To bite the bullet is to endure an unpleasant situation that cannot be avoided.

Bite the dust

To bite the dust is to fail miserably. This expression is also used as a euphemism for death.

Burn the midnight oil

The burn the midnight oil is to work late into the night.

By the seat of one’s pants

To achieve something by the seat of one’s pants is to achieve it through instinct.

By the skin of one’s teeth

When you escape from a disaster by the skin of your teeth, you escape narrowly.