Court and judge idioms

Cross-examine (someone)

To cross examine is to question a witness or a suspect in a trial.

A cut-and-dried

A cut-and-dried decision is one that was taken beforehand.

Face the music

To face the music is to receive punishment for doing something illegal.

  • If you break the law, you will have to face the music.

Fair and impartial

If a decision is fair and impartial, it is unbiased.

  • A judge should be able to make fair and impartial decisions.

Get a slap on the wrist

To get a slap on the wrist is to get a light punishment.

  • He was expecting to get at least five years in prison but the judge let him off with a slap on the wrist.

Get a tongue-lashing

When you get a tongue-lashing you are severely scolded for doing something wrong.

  • The boy got a tongue-lashing from the judge for running away from his home.

Get down to the facts

To get down to the facts is to discuss things that are truly important.

Get off easy/lightly

To get off easy is to receive very little punishment.

  • He was hoping that he would be able to get off lightly, but the judge sent him to prison.

Get off scot-free

When you get off scot-free, you go unpunished.

  • Although he hired the best lawyer in the country, he could not get off scot-free.

Get one’s day in court

When you get your day in court, you get an opportunity to say something in court.

  • The man was happy because he finally got his day in court.