Food-related idioms

Here is a list of food-related idioms.

Eat dirt

When you eat dirt you accept bad treatment without complaining.

  • My boss is in unscrupulous guy. He makes us eat dirt.

Eat humble pie

To eat humble pie is to admit that you were wrong.

  • I had to eat humble pie when he proved that I was wrong.

Eat like a pig

To eat like a pig is to eat in such a way that you demonstrate your lack of table manners.

  • He has terrible table manners. He eats like a pig.

Eat one’s words

To eat one’s words is to take back something you have said

  • I told him that I would win if we ever got into a fist fight, but I had to eat my words when he proved me wrong.

To want someone’s head on a platter

When you want someone’s head on a platter you are very angry with them.

  • The celebrity was so angry with the photographer that she wanted his head on a platter.

Suck up

To suck up to somebody in power is to try to gain favor by being extra nice to them.

  • I don’t think highly of her. She is always sucking up to the rich and the influential.