Have done with / do away with

Here is a list of expressions using the word done.

Have done with / do away with

When you have done with somebody, you end your relationship with them.

Alice has done with Peter. (= Alice has ended her relationship with Peter.)

To do away with something is to abolish or put an end to it.

Human rights activists have been asking the government to do away with death penalty. (= They have been asking the government to abolish death penalty.)

They have done away with that custom.

To do away with somebody is to kill them.

The terrorists have done away with the captives. (= The terrorists have killed the captives.)

Do a good turn / Done to a turn

To do a good turn is to do someone a favor.

Will you do me a good turn and look after my kids when I am away?

If meat is done to a turn, it is cooked perfectly.

‘How would you like your steak?’ ‘It should be done to a good turn.’

Other expressions with done

Well done

If meat or vegetables are well done, they are thoroughly cooked or slightly overcooked.

Well done!

This expression is used to congratulate somebody who has done something successfully.

Well done, mate! You have made us proud.

All done

All done means ‘completely finished’.

‘Are you all done?’ ‘Yes.’