Idiomatic expressions with draw

Here are some idiomatic expressions using the word ‘draw’.

Draw a blank

You draw a blank when you don’t know the answer.

When I asked him who the stranger was, he drew a blank.

Draw a line between

To draw a line between something and something else is to keep them separate.

One must draw a line between one’s personal and private life.

Draw blood

To draw blood is to cause someone to bleed.

I fought with him but I didn’t draw any blood.

Draw interest

If something draws interest, it becomes popular.

The film drew considerable interest and went on to become a super hit.

Draw fire away from something

To draw fire away from something is to take people’s attention off something.

He donates money to charitable institutions to draw fire away from the many scams he is involved in.

Draw something to a close

To draw something to a close is to finish it.

I think it is high time we drew this meeting to a close.

Draw something up

To draw something up is to create a contract.

Now that you have agreed to our terms and conditions, let’s draw a contract up.

Draw the line at something

To draw the line at something is to set the limits.

I really think you should leave my house now. You have drawn the line at behaving impolitely.