Idiomatic expressions with pain

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions using the word pain

Feeling no pain

When you are feeling no pain, you are intoxicated.

He must have had too much to drink. He is feeling no pain.

Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains.

This is a proverb. It means that if you really want to make innovative products, you need to be careful about everything you do.

Give someone a pain

To give someone a pain is to annoy them.

Don’t give me a pain. I haven’t had any rest since morning.

Growing pains

Growing pains is the pain and discomfort that is attributed to the growth in the muscles.

This expression is also used to refer to the difficulties that organizations might experience during their initial years.

No pain, no gain.

Used to mean that if you really want to improve, you must work hard until it hurts.

A pain the butt

Used to refer to a very annoying person. This expression is considered offensive and hence it should be used with discretion.

A pain in the neck

A pain in the neck is an annoyance.

Your little boy is a real pain the neck.

Racked with pain

When you are racked with pain, you are suffering from severe pain.

My whole body was racked with pain.

Share someone’s pain

To share someone’s pain is to sympathize with them.

Take (great) pains (to do something)

To take pains to do something is to make a great effort to do it.

She took great pains to finish the assignment on time.

Take pains over something

To take pains over something is to be very careful about it.

He takes pains over his studies.