Idioms with call

Call a spade a spade
When you call a spade a spade you speak directly and precisely.
Only the courageous can call a spade a spade.
Call into question
To call into question is to challenge the accuracy or probity of something.
We shouldn’t call her sincerity into question.
We can’t call her qualifications into question.
Because of her poor performance, we had to call her competency into question.

Call it a day
To call it a day is to stop what one has been doing.
I am very tired. I think it is time I called it a day.
Call it quits
When you call it quits you stop working or trying.
There is little chance of success. I think we should call it quits.
Call names
To call somebody names is to speak to or about a person in offensive terms.
Don’t call him names. He will break your neck.
Call somebody’s bluff
To call somebody’s bluff is to challenge him or her with a display of strength or confidence.
Call the shots
To call the shots is to be in charge.
On call
When you are on call you are available for service.
Within call
When somebody is within call, they are close enough to come if summoned.