Idioms about food

A large number of English idioms are food based. Here is a list of them.

Apples and oranges

This expression is used to suggest that two things are inherently different. You can’t, for example, compare apples to oranges.

Bring home the bacon

To bring home the bacon is to win the prize or achieve success. This expression can also mean ‘earn the living for a household’.

Bad apple

A bad apple is a person who has a corrupting influence on others.

In every organization, you will find a few apples.

Chew the fat

To chew the fat is to argue or grumble. In American English, however, to chew the fat is to engage in a friendly conversation.

Cream puff

In British English, a cream puff is an effeminate person. In American English, this expression is mainly used to refer to a used car that is in good condition.

Cup of tea

If acting is your cup of tea, then it suits your tastes, skills or disposition. If something isn’t your cup of tea, then it doesn’t interest you.

A pretty kettle of fish / a fine kettle of fish

A fine kettle of fish is an awkward state of affairs.

A hot potato

A hot potato is a politically sensitive or controversial situation that needs to be handled with care.

A lemon

A person or thing that fails to meet expectations is a lemon.

I think her new boyfriend is a lemon. He lacks even basic social skills. He isn’t very handsome either.

Full of beans

If you are full of beans you are full of energy.